Sword wielding guy cleaves a bullet

Manliness. Not too happy with it, posting anyway.


oh shit…
space marines better watch out

Although impossible, that’s pretty awesome.

I like the angle.

Nah, that sword is made out of unobtainium.

Awesome, though the tracer looks a little dubious.


and the muzzleflash seems too brown.

First attempt at that shit, can’t seem to get it right

It is possible to cleave a bullet, but the he would have to be aiming at the sword.

It’s an alright pic, but I just don’t like the angle.

Well, he cleaved one bullet, but that rifle is automatic, and he can’t cleave over 100 bullets per minute…

Who posed it? :smug:

it would be funny if half of the bullet going downwards hits him in the arm

Not impossible. A well made katana can split a bullet. One of these days it could happen.