Prop sword that was suprisingly successful.

That is one big-ass sword…

That is a big sword…What is this naruto?

Looks like it is a sword to me with a rather large scale.

Big sword.

Looks like something Cloud would use.

Any FF char would use for that matter.

Whats the a55 for?

It means ass

Is it big?

It’s just a fat sword on a long hilt with phx textures.

Don’tcha know that that’s exciting?

Cloud Strife anyone?

It’s not exciting, though I don’t even know how to model so I can’t do better either. There are better models of swords from Dark Messiah and AoC, so maybe you could practice from those?

I was being sarcastic, I like it no more (perhaps even less) than you.

Don’t include me.