SxG Clan and our ideas for the game!

Hi everyone, we’re brainstorming some ideas for the game while the servers are down.

**- Traps - **

  • Claymores
  • Snares / Bear Traps (Immobilizing Traps) Attachable to the enviroment like trees and buildings.
  • EMP Devices to disable traps in houses
  • Infectious Bungee Traps (Vietnam Style)
  • Pit traps with spikes (unlootable perhaps)

- Crazy Shit -

  • Suicide Belt (different types like ball bearing belts or high explosive)

**- Throwables -

  • Flash Bangs
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Tear Gas (Immobilizing grenade instead of blinding.)

- Accessories -

  • Night Vision Goggles With Possible IR strobe technology
  • Full Grip M4 - Recoil Reducer
  • Scopes - ACOG / Other types of Holographics
  • Spotlight Build Equipment that is connected to the power generator of your building that is controllable with a lightswitch or a remote.
  • Facepaint
  • Ghillie Suits
  • Camoflague for your houses or make camo nests

**- Siege Equipment - **

  • Ballista
  • Trebuchet
  • Battering Ram ( Requires more people to use to bring down doors faster like wood not iron )
  • Lockpicks / Padlock Hackers if Padlocks will be used in the future

- Game Mechanics -

  • Proning
  • Poisoning edibles so that you can give it to other people and kill them
  • Bipods for weapons (Reduced Recoil)
  • Well we have more ideas, but I’m going to go do something else, writing this took some time and now I want to go play some CSGO!

Post more of your ideas and I will add them to the list if they get enough “Agree Votes”!

this is not COD or BF … some ideas are got… BUT why are you thinking about modern weapons ( and attachments) if they get “deleated” (or maybe super mega hyper 420 swag yolo blablablaaa rare…) (fuck i forgot blazeit…)

dont be angry of the last shit im bored =)

finally someone who understands the point of being a tester

to me being a testers to finding bugs. ie in game glitches issues with map rendering, items being deleted and so on. at this stage adding items such as those when there are so many other issues is not being a tester.

Like u can super jump using both large and small storage boxes. Up to 5 stories.
Sleeping bags used to glitch into foundations.
Ramps used to glitch urself thru floors.
large boxes used to glitch thru a floor enough to loot boxes.
being able to hide behind a tree and see thru it
Breaking stairs and ramps to break metal doors
Duping items on server resets
floating zombies
zombies underground
flashlights and lasers stayin on when they r turned off.

i can go on for days that is testing not asking for more

This is an IDEA forum, not a bug fix forum you retard, there’s a proper website for bugs.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - postal))

yes i know that but asking for things or ideas at this stage is not worth the time some ideas i liked but shit needs to be fixed etc

also i was replying to the guy who above me