SxG Clan Recruiting people with deadly accuracy!

SxG is not recruiting again - we’re playing on the US server.

We’re looking for mature players who can handle themselves in combat and know the basics of the game like navigating, game mechanics & how weapons and equipment works in the game.

  • IGN (In game name)
  • Age
  • FPS

About SxG:

We’re a newly started group and we’re currently looking for more players becuase of our rapid expansion in new territory.

Leave an app here and join our TS3 after you’ve posted and tell “Leth” that you have posted.



Alright, you’re accepted - I can’t send you a message over the forums cause you disabled it, once you enbled it I will be able to send you the TS3 Info.

Age: 23
Name: YouMadBroYolo
Previous Clans : N/A
Region: US
Average FPS: 50ish

Side note: I have already spoken to Leth in game and have been playing near your guy’s base.

Do you want my bank details too??

Uh? I just want your IGN, Age and region. fps is clearly self explanatory since I don’t want people who have 10 fps who can’t play the game properly.

Age: 82
Name: Fapacerium
Previous Clans: Faptastic
Region: US
Average FPS: 2

It wasn’t that hard to realize it was you aussie, you’re probably like 12 years old, stop shitposting my thread or you will be banned for shitposting.


Age: 14
Name: zZnoscopeZz
Previous Clan: n/a
Region: US
Average FPS: 20

Wtf im from NZ, and it is my real confidential information.

Age: 15
Name: xAceHDx
Previous Clan: n/a
Region: AU
Average FPS: 50-60

Oh god, can a mod please help me from this stupidity…

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Accepted, please go ingame US server and receive a msg from me with the TS3 info.

What the heck. Safety in numbers right?

Age: 35
Name: OndieJ
Prev Clan: None
Region: Play both
FPS: 50-60

  • From AU though so my ping isn’t the greatest

Accepted, I will change it so that it’s not that hard for you all to join up, I’ll post the TS3 info on the page.

*DES (loljks those guys are faggots)

You’re recruiting veteran players, yet you recruit everyone who applies? Okay.

I figure its a trial and see thing. If you’re too crap, or you don’t fit you’re out.

It doesn’t say veteran players, it says navigational skills and FPS habit.

This is a bonus not a requirement - I’ll accept anyone that’s a nice guy.

  • Age-19
  • Name-FibreOptic
  • Previous Clans N/A
  • Region US
  • Average FPS 60/80