SxG Recruiting!

Hello everyone, SxG is recruiting again.

Post with your:

*IGN (In game name)
*Average FPS

After posting, join this TS3 ->
After posting, join this TS3 ->
After posting, join this TS3 ->

  • Leth

Average FPS:30-40 (43 on a good day!)

I’m wondering why this guy is allowed to have a recruitement thread when everyone else gets banned/thread closed for doing so. I don’t mind if you guys want to be so hard on the banhaer but at least be fair and close this thread right away(not 3 weeks after it’s been open like this guy previous thread or let others make clan thread…

They just havent seen it yet. They dont spend all there time on the forums you know

Their last recruitement thread lasted 3 weeks without being locked and everyone else was locked the day it was posted…

Average FPS: 40-50

If you’ve read the sticky it doesn’t say anything about not being able to post recruitment posts.

But if that is the case I will gladly move my recruitment to the appropriate place.

No, it doesn’t explicitly say that, you’re right. But it says this:

This thread is on the front page, with the last comment/bump about an hour before you created this second recruiting thread for your clan:


So, yeah. Requesting thread be gassed, OP doesn’t know what search is or didn’t bother using it.

I can’t ask people to post their info in the general chat and I need them to post on the forums so I know who they are on FP to eliminate the probability of spies.

I don’t even get why it would be such a problem for me to have a recruitment thread though, and who is the creator of that thread to decide that the particular thread is for Clans/Teammates?

I’d also like to input that people have been saying they get ddos’d after joining the TS so be wary.

You mean the 15 year old forum troll that went into my channel and kept saying that we were faggots and stuff? he got banned from the forums.

hey im famous

You already have a thread just like this?? Why make another??

You registered your account in 2008 and you don’t know what megathreads are used for?

i hate megathreads

Anyhow, just close this thread or if you allow it, then you guys have to allow mine…

IGN - Chillax
Age - 16(Don’t have high pitch voice)
Average FPS - havent checked but assuming its high

I was also helping you guys out yesterday for an hour or two :stuck_out_tongue:

Lubirium is a sociopath. Careful joining.

I concur. I joined his clan and got backstabbed after 3 days. The clan permed me from their TS and killed me while my guard was down because apparently supplying them 2 hours worth of rad zone gear was ‘a bad move’.

And it comes from the notorious hacker/exploiter ball-eyed Shadow Walker from [DES]

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This guy basically never stopped talking in TS, couldn’t stop looting stuff when we killed anyone and got shot & never followed orders.