Sydney 2 Dome spawn point

On the Sydney 2 official Facepunch server a clan going by [TSGH] (supposed 40 players strong) has taken control of and completely walled off the Dome spawn point. New players have absolutely no access to this site. This clan has a “lord of the flies” like hold of the community on the server and is strongly associated with and connected to many reports of hacking instances by players refusing to “slave” for them - or groups that (used to) pose a threat (all have been wiped out unfairly by hacking or abusively ostracized enough to leave the server). Naturally, after reading the rules of posting about such things I thought of the ethicality of making this thread. But I believe the actions of these [TSGH] strongly goes against any or all community standards put in place or expected by Facepunch on their servers. After all they are the people who have the server in place for the public to game on, however I do believe they have some obligation to maintain a certain level of game-ability or certain free-will - especially if they are an “Official” Rust server - to not only the development part of the game to keep the game official - meaning people arnt subjected to bullying or abuse if they do not slave for a particular group - and to the people in Australia who purchase this game in the hopes it is what the Dev team have promised, though turns out to be a Battle-Royale like map where large areas are controlled and if you dont join the legion you are bullied and harassed.

Rust is supposed to be a game of creativity and survival. Not some psudo-holocaust.

What can Facepunch do? Well you run the server, i’m sure there is a myriad of possible actions you can take. I just hope that is isn’t going to be the same as we have come to expect from many gaming server sponsors - nothing.

This same message has been sent to the dev team of Rust.