Sydney Server Issues


As some of you may know, if you play on any of the Sydney servers, it constantly drops out, some people believe it’s a DDOS, but I’m doubtful. Since it’s lasted over two days and it’s effecting all the servers, not just the one.

Does anyone have detail on what’s going on and when it will be resolved? It’s unplayable if you drop out every 5-15 minutes constantly. In advance, it’s not just me, it’s everyone on the server, from various cities, with various ISPs.

Yeah, it’s the same case for Facepunch Sydney 2 server.

It’s been happening since wipe and has caused lots of commotion between players.

I hope someone has an idea of finding out what’s happening.

Some people say the server is timing out because of DDOS while some people say its Facepunch’s fault.

Yeah, it is quite unbearable, especially when you can only game for an hour or so on the weekend but you drop every 5 minutes, not to mention dying because of it and losing items. Friends on modded servers however, have zero issues.

I’m going to assume it’s Facepunch, I doubt that someone has been Dosing for days with multiple Botnets. It seems unlikely, but yeah… This needs to be resolved. Hopefully we get some answers, it might be as easy as them just restarting the servers.

Yeah, I’m not into speculation about Ddosing. I think the whole concept has become over fantasized and infamy has come about from ddossing attacks on popular games like runescape and other spotlighted occurrences. But what I do know is after playing for 29.5 hours straight just now, I would have easily lost 3+ hours gameplay to reconnections and mass player kicks. And I know, I very carefully watched the clock for the whole marathon (which is required for health reasons). I think we, the players, deserve some sort of response from the dev. team. It needs to be diagnosed and addressed.

what are you doing to fix this facepunch ?

Hey guys anyone from Australia can check out Ruatopia AU as the server is very stable & with good admins. The current player base is growing & when we see that it is needed the server will be increased in it’s size.

Is this the new version of Brazil servers going down and everyone making threads over and over demanding a fix?

Still happening even after the restart last night

would be nice to be told whats going on with it …

There is no point posting about server issues here, facepunch won’t take much if any action. Take london 1 for example.