Sylph's Visor Pack

Sylph’s visors

Extract to garrysmod/garrysmod

This pack contains

  • A blue Visor (Sylph and Shoax Visor)
  • A red visor
  • A purple visor
  • A green visor
  • An orange visor
  • A yellow visor

How to apply a visor

This is what you need to enter in the console
PS. If you cant open the console, go in games list, right click Gmod, properties,
launch properties, and type in -console.

So this is what you gotta type:
Blue: R_screenoverlay effects/Visorblue.vmt
Red: R_screenoverlay effects/Visorred.vmt
Green: R_screenoverlay effects/Visorgreen.vmt
Purple: R_screenoverlay effects/Visorpurple.vmt
Yellow: R_screenoverlay effects/Visoryellow.vmt
Orange: R_screenoverlay effects/Visororange.vmt

If you don’t like

Well I dont care, dont download if you dont like.
Mod it yourself if hate it that much, cause I won’t do it for you.

This is my Final Version Enjoy


Pics man.

Follow the link. Jeez

This is the FP. you’ll be surprised that people are * that * lazy here.

haha, good one :smiley:

I think that it is a bit of a nuisance.

Why didn’t you just add it to the list in the PP tab?

Should have added health and ammo bars and made it a hud.

Yeah, the weapons kind of clip over the top of the overlay.
Just a heads up.

They don’t actually looks like it but no.


Does this continue to overlay on the camera tool?

why would you want that?

Looks neat, but is pretty useless.

This gives me an idea.

Republic Commando style hud.

Cool, try it.

I loved Republic Commando. We just need a HUD, SNPCs and SWEPs.

Couple tips:
Not so much clutter/crossing over the main view.
Give it an option for a little sway when making rapid turns, so the overlay lags behind the view a little bit.
See if you can add 3D HUD components, for example the inside of the character’s helmet you see in Republic Commando or Metroid Prime.

Why not just the RC overlay?

So, it’s an overlay? Bravo, not like Garry has already done that or anything.