SymLinking gmod directorys, good or bad?

I want to SymLink my hl2 materials folder under SDK13 SP to my Garrys Mod materials directory so I don’t need to copy over every custom material I use in hammer. In theory this works and everything should be ok, only thing is Gmod uses some materials that originate in the Gmod materials directory and dont come from the SDK13 SP’s HL2 materials. So if I did a SymLink and gmod has some files/folders already in the Gmod/materials directory would that break things for gmod when locating files such as the spawnicons?

everything gmod needs would be in the pak files, and arent spawnicons stored in a cache folder?

Thats what I thought but they are in my materials folder for some reason :confused:

try moving all your sfm materials and gmod materials to one folder somewhere, then delete the materials folder for gmod and sfm then recreate them and try symlinking them to the common folder. I have to try this later now :v:

Symlinking is the exact same thing as copying over manually, to the filesystem. There are no downsides.