SymLinks and Lua

OK, so I saw a thread where someone said they used Symlinks on there server, and me not knowing what it is, googled it. It turns out, it would be very handy. So my question is, will gLua read Symlink’d files? Would anything break if two different lua files were to read/write to one Symlink’d file (at the same time), would it corrupt, break or just not work?

symlinks works with garrysmod, I’ve got my lua folder back’d up in my dropbox and symlinkd (junction) to garrysmod.

Everything works the same except lua autorefreshing.

I’m not worried about lua auto-refreshing since it will be reading a text document :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help guys!

I symlink wire between my servers and it never seems to have a problem

Since this is here… could someone tell me what
module( “dhradar”, package.seeall )

Creates a module which has access to variables stored in _G.

yeah i went on the facepunch steam chat and got a bunch of stuff answered. Thanks anyways.

No it won’t. That’s the difference between a symbolic link and a shortcut.

“file that contains a reference to another file or directory in the form of an absolute or relative path” - wikipedia

It will essentially be reading the text document, when pointed to it.

The OS handles it rather than the program. Garry’s Mod would think it’s just a folder.