Symmetrical mapping?

I was wondering if there was any easy way (or less complicated way) to go about making a Symmetrical map, or part of it to be Symmetrical. Also if you don’t know what Symmetrical means, it basically means for two sides of something to be the same, or even.

This is just an example, but its a good example. Now lets imagine if there were 1000 boxes on the right side, in there own pattern.

Thanks for future reference. Also im just wondering if there is any technique involved. (My map is completely Symmetrical)

It was mentioned before in the mapping mega question thread. I’m not sure what page it was though.

Copy, paste, flip?

This works with brushes but it would usually fuck up some props.

Well of course. But sometimes its not that simple, perhaps with this screenshot it looks easy to make it again, but its alot more complicated with hundreds of small brushes, like what im dealing with.

copy+paste with ctrl+c and ctrl+v

then flip the other one horizontally with ctrl+L (ctrl+I for vertical flipping)

No, I do know what you’re getting at. I was hoping someone knew if there were was any procedure on making one side looking like the other side of the map, I know what you’re talking about, but sometimes it doesn’t work, because the top,bottom ect do not match.

If you mean that the textures on the top and the bottom aren’t aligned, just use the Toggle Texture tool, click the floor, then make the “Rotation” 180. Then it’ll match

Is that what you meant?

Lock/unlock textures

That’s another way to do it, thanks