SYN[UK/EURO] Fresh Server!/Friendly Admins/Noobs Welcome/Sleepers/ 1/4 Craft/DoorShare/lots of material nodes :) :)

Noobs welcome! Press F1 Ingame and type Net.connect[UK]SyN - PvP / Noobs Welcome / Freindly Admins / Sleepers / 1/4 Craft Time / NoN-Craftable C4 / Reduced Decay
Hello All.

So as im sure many people have experienced, there are a bunch of servers with abusive admins, and hackers that don’t get banned etc, so me and a few friends decided we’d had enough of that and got our own server.

We’re planning on doing some fun events in the near future like setting up some arena’s and the like for which we’ll come up with some prizes etc, while we wait for such things to get built though id like to invite anyone who would like to come and join in the fun.

We currently have about 10-15 people on the server regularly, there’s about 4 or so small groups of players and a few people running around in one’s and two’s but we’d love to see this grow to an even bigger number. (Id love to see 50 people on a daily basis at least)

A bit of info about the server:

100 Slots
1/4 Craft Time
Chat History
Reduced Decay Time - So you can take more than 2 days off without having to come and repair everything all the time.
C4 Is Non Craftable - Though it still drops in Airdrops/Loot Crates/Zombies

The server is a PvP server so you’ll no doubt get shot at some point :), there are a few bandits (of which i wouldnt have it any other way, i mean we cant all just sit round the campfire and sing coombaya all the time) but despite this everyone is friendly and helpful so new players learning the ropes of the game are welcome.

The Quickest and Easiest way to join the server is to hit F1 when you boot up rust and type in the following :


If you have any questions please feel free to ask in this thread, and i hope to see you soon.

Server Last Wiped - 28th Jan 14

Still lots of space!

Fresh start!