Synchronizing speed

What entity/entites would I use to make several func_tracktrains go at the same speed regardless of where they are?

Like meet in the same location at the same exact time?

I mean like 2 trains are going on seperate tracks, one hits a path_track that adjusts its speed, and then the other adjusts its speed to be the same without touching a path_track.

On changespeed
othertrainsname here
parameter override: other trains speed?

I’m guessing you’re talking about the first train’s outputs.
One problem, the only outputs available are On Next, On Start, On User1, On User2, On User3, and On User4.

Tell the path_track “onpass” output to do BOTH trains?

Whoops >.<
I completely missed that, I was only looking at the Class_info tab.
Thank you Magman77!

Don’t thank me, i nearly overlooked this not long ago <_>


Plus im an ass.

lol, but now my train is having issues with the changing speed -_-

Onpass <trainname> setspeed <peram override to desired speed?> if that doesn’t work i don’t know what will. :v:

The override perameter is weird, I set it to 100 and the train went 1000 -_-

I think I figured out the override parameter, 1 is 100%, .9 is 90%, etc.

I think, care to confim this?

I am pretty sure in the override you put units per second. Could be wrong.

Well, unless someone wants to make a measuring scale with their train, I don’t think we’ll be finding out anytime soon.
We get an expert to post.
<.< >.>

Override is probably a multiplier, not an absolute value.