"Syncing" a map and a 3D skybox?

Would I have to copy the fog controller and the light environment into my 3D skybox?

At the moment it looks like shit.

You shouldn’t have to. More than one of either of those entities either screws up your map or is ignored by the compiler.

Could you post a screenshot of how it looks?

Ok, 1 sec.


Wait, shit. I can’t right now, this PC can’t run the map.

The light_environment should provide light settings for skybox surfaces globally so you should only ever need one. If you are getting some bad shadows then chances are it is from something in your 3D skybox so just try disabling shadow casting on whatever you have in your 3D skybox.

The env_fog_controller though only applies for fog within the playable area. Fog settings for objects in the skybox can only be set in the sky_camera. Alternatively I guess you could try removing the $nofog parameter from your skybox vmts but I’m not sure what that would do with regards to the 3D skybox objects.