Syncing Data

I know of times, and I think we all do, when some things un-sync on a server, for example on DarkRP you won’t be able to see if a door is owned or not, even if it is. I’ve heard of people being able to manually run syncs for a player through a concommand, I was wondering what the function that was needed to be run was, or how I would go about making one? A step in the right direction will help a lot. Thank you.

You can serialize data with file library…Creating and persisting data when you buy or sell a door, then you load that data when player joins or when map initialize

This is already supposed to be set to happen in DarkRP though, and yet sometimes when a player joins the doors don’t sync properly

What exactly is your question? You want a function which automatically syncs EVERYTHING between the Server and all the Clients? Sadly that doesn’t exists, but it would be awesome if it did. Everything has to be synced manually - well coded manually.
Here are the steps you should take:

  • When a player joins the server; send them all the current data
  • When a change to the data is made; broadcast the change to everybody
  • Create functions to handle this for you; so you just have to call them

If you needed help with something DarkRP specific; try reporting an issue or going onto the DarkRP Forums.

Nah it isn’t darkrp specific. I was just wondering how I would generally go about syncing data properly