Synergy mod for Gmod

I just recently installed Synergy (HL2 Coop mod) and I was wondering if somebody could make a mod like it. Make some sort gibbing addon that used the Synergy Gibs when you explode or something (as a rebel or citizen). Also I found that the playermodels used the npc_citizen animations for the idle, running, backing up, crouching, and strafing animations. Would it be possible to put those in playermodels? The jumping animation is smooth too, so when you jump it looks as if like you jumped off the ground (in gmod your playermodel is somehow 3 feet off the ground when you jump). You might have to change the models up a bit, and if you do just put the models with the new animations into the file (make sure they overwrite the citizen and rebel models). This is probably impossible, but if you do it then you will get a :razz:. Thanks.

So…HL2 Coop gamemode with Synergy gibs? And rebel/citizen player models. The thing with the animations isn’t impossible you just have to make a new model.

Hm, I thought you’d just be able to compile a citizen model with the new animations…Though you’d need an export first.

Well yeah thats what I ment, I mean technically it would be a new model…or a recompiled one. It would still have to have a different name then the normal citizen model.

No I just want synergy gibs and synergy anims for rebels and citizens (same rebel and citizen models, different anims).

Any hope for this? (sorry about the bump) :frown:

The anims are more of a modeling thing and gibs…you would need to get models for the gibs :expressionless:

I have the models for all the gibs already