Synergy van

I’d really want to make a synergy van that could carry 20 people (I’m not expecting it to actually have that many by start, but I’m adding extra seats through Lua), I got this model and all that is from synergy that I got from this download:

The problem is that the driver gets stuck beneath the car and won’t get a good view, everything else is good about the car, so is it possible for anyone to remodel it or something so that it becomes compatible with gmod? Like the driver actually being in the drivers seat. The extra seats are set in position of the drivers seat placement of the vehicle. If that is off, then the whole thing with seats will be off.
I don’t know so much about modelling, so I don’t know if this is really possible.

From looking at the model and code, there may be two things that need to be altered for it to work:

  1. It is likely that whatever attachment that is needed to position the driver’s seat is either not there or incorrectly placed.

  2. It’s a lua replacement for the HL2 Jeep, so there is more likely where the error is, you’d need to re-make it as a propperly lua scripted vehicle. So go ask in the Lua section about it.

I don’t think it is a Lua error, because the drivers seat is properly placed when the model is set to the jeep or jalopy or even the airboat. So I think the synergy van misses a attachment the gmod one uses, but is still useful because maybe you could decompile the model or something like that and change the attachment name to the one jalopy uses? No mdl decompiler I’ve tried works…