Synthetic-Bot Sniper saw natural species of Levitating Heavy's

That’s great.

It’s really cool, but the messed-up and unnecessary rimlights almost kill the mood.

Limbo, is that you?

This is different.


(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Orkel))

I really like The Art Style you put on it, World of Goo-Like.фф.png

Strange that sniper has rimlights and this thing on his shoulders hasn’t.
It’s really great picture though.

I disagree. I think the rimlights make the pic look more 3D and add depth. Without them it would look too flat.

I’m not too keen on the blurred, coloured landscape in the beckround however. It seems a little out of place. If it was less blurred and slightly desaturated I think it would better.