spent 2 hours making the mdl, uv map, animation and world mdl.

feedback plox

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Why is this in the releases, when nothing was released?

Nice feedback, well you see its ‘being’ released soon, but I would like to brush it up first, thus the ‘WIP’ tag in the post.

Oh, didn’t see the WIP tag. I blame facepunch since the tags are somewhat…stretched out for me:

no problem old chap, what did you think of the animations?

They look pretty cool.

gosh, that reminded me of how much I hate needles

Hahahaha amen to that.
But I love the animations. Nice work :slight_smile:

Smoothing Groups pl0x

Cheers, and I slap my head as to why I forgot the smoothing groups, but yes this will be released soon, and Ill be posting something special with it soon!

Looks good, could use some polishing, but otherwise nice job.

shouldnt this have been in the models/skins area first, then when there was a actual link to download go in the Release section?

Well, I guess he is releasing his video.

That looks weird for a syringe…

are there any normal syringe models available besides the medic’s from TF2?

That’s not a syringe, it’s an inkwell with a spike in it

Laughed so hard when he started stabbing himself and his hand reacting crazily

My god, when he repeatedly stabs himself that was terrifying. And I think that last anim is sprinting but to me it just looked like he was possessed. Nice work though. Very well animated.

Last anim looks like melee attack.