SysReport - Report With Ease!

This doesn’t stop false reports though.

Yeah, but the thing is how would it detect a false report in the first place. I think this leads to having the majority of the players within the server decide if they should be reported.

Maybe some kind of invisible rating a player has. When a player first joins the server, they are awarded 1 “respect”. When the player sends a report, this decreases. The system will block them from sending a report if they have 0 “respect”. When an admin processes the report and confirms it is legit and not a fake one, their “respect” is increased to 2 - allowing the player to dispatch up to 2 further reports. If the report is a fake, the player can be banned or their respect permanently reduced to 0.

I believe this would be a wonderful system. Perhaps you shall make this a toggle-able system in the case an admin trusts all of his/her users.

Just a suggestion on the Review bit maybe a Scroll down bar and a Message to admins Saying (New Report)