system.BatteryPower | How do I use this?

function Timers() 
   timer.Create( "BatteryLife Timer", 1, 0, function system.BatteryPower() return end )
hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn", "Timers", Timers)

Ok so I made a timer, which checks every second for battery power and returns it? How do I return it into a ply:NWInt( ‘power’, (returned args) )
how? Because I wan’t to do this so I can show my battery power in hud?

This has nothing to do with battery power of your suit in game. This is for laptops, and I can honestly say no one ever uses it.

If that is the battery power you want, why would you network it?

I used it once… But then removed it since it was pointless

And yeah, you don’t need to network it, especially not using a timer, since if it’s for a HUD then other players don’t really need to know your battery power

Also, please stop making threads where you ask a single question, you’ve made like 3 of them already today. Please post in the ‘problems that don’t need their own thread’ thread

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Make that 5 threads…