System Battleship

This is a system ranged battleship in which I have created and use on spacebuild servers.

The front view.

The side view.

The backside.

Thanks for looking and I would appreciate hearing what your thoughts on it are.

Holy, that looks sweet as. What servers you play on?

McBuild’s and Ascension.

Holy shite, that looks awesome.

Looks quite nice. I like the original design of it. Good job

Also, you’ll see a bunch of known people on this forum that’ll be afraid to say something nice about it cause they’re unsure whether it’s built out of spacebuild props or not :v:

I’ll come out and say yes, it is spacebuild props along with plenty of PHX to compliment them. I don’t see what the big fuss is about, they are great for these kinds of projects. :smiley:

Amazing! The only thing I don’t get is what “Systems” battleship means. Does it mean it has wire systems? Anyways this is the reason SBEP and PHX exist. To make kickass ships that are not friggin planet-sized.

System ranged, it was just to tell the purpose of the battleship, it’s meant for long missions and alike. It does have wire systems which are very minimal yet effective. It utilizes Dataschmuck’s Enhanced Gyropod.

Nice. So you know the Gyropod fails when duping right? Do you simply put it back?

Does it have an interior?

McBuild’s has a fix that makes it so it doesn’t. However they were clever enough to not make it available to the public which keeps me there.

THIS is how space build is supposed to be used!! Best I’ve ever seen.

Please post more pictures.

Very nice ship. She got much of an interior?

Although as far as mcbuild’s goes, eh. I can understand having a private addon with neat stuff, but not releasing a fix for a major problem with a widespread addon to the creators just strikes me as petty.

Here are some interior shots.

The upper level catwalk.

The bottom level entrance.

The debug white colour makes it look more modern but takes texture away, or is that just to much bloom?

An old ship i never got around to finishing.


You could probably go for a more detailed and realistic interior. It would really perfect your ship.

:open_mouth: oh dear sweet fucking jesus. Perfect. All people can learn from this

see all you fools who post their sbmp shit here,


thank you for showing ppl how to use it properly

thats bloody amazing! :open_mouth: what map are you using? and is that gyro pod fix a private addon?

Fucking brilliant use of SBMP.