"System cannot find the file specified"

When I try and compile my map, I get this error:

The command failed. Windows reported the error:
“The system cannot find the file specified.”

I tried restarting hammer, and re-opening the map. It then gives me: “unexpected end of file” and hammer crashes.

This is something I have gotten before, and it’s very frustrating. Any idea how to fix it?

Did you use any custom content in your map?


And if it can’t re-open the map your gonna have to open the VMF in notepad and try and fix the end.

probably it’s wrong displacements, or you have both sides of displacement textured. All sides must be nodraw except the top one.

It could be anything that is stopping VBsp at some point. That’s the most generic error going. The list of possibilities is massive. The only way we can tell is if you give us the compile log.

It was such a small map, that it doesn’t really matter. I made it again, and it seemed to work fine.
Now I know that it’s just a generic error though >.< I’ll be sure to save in different versions more often now.

I wouldn’t bother with that, the error was probably fixable, instead you should remember to post your compile log next time you ask for help, it speeds up the help you recieve.

Noted. I thought of doing that, but I thought it was an easily fixable error. Didn’t think it needed the compile log >.<