System Cruiser

This is the little sister to the System Battleship I posted a few days ago. Enjoy.

The two ships side by side.

The top view.

The view of the back engines.

The bottom view.

The view of the bottom engines.

Comments are welcome.

Models section is that way.
Interior to get around n stuff?

Oh dear mother of god, there he is again.

Beautiful shape, but it suffers the same problem I mentioned before. Spice the color up a bit.

Reminds me of the Minmatar Hurricane from Eve.

In other words, its totally fucking rad. How does it fly?

spectacular. reminds me of Desmerin’s old ships.

And you are right to ask.

oh my god

Real nice. It’s just really smooth and without strange jagged “phx” edges that some contraptions get when you make edgy shit. I really like the clean look with the white and dark material. It looks good, makes everything look nice and clean. Interiors and engine details and stuff are cool too. I wish I could build spaceships :v:

Good job.

Holy crap that is sexy. I love that sleek look, it’s really hard to get in Gmod, but you got it down good.

Also what material did you use for those cover pieces?

It reminds me of the central pod of the SSV Normandy in Mass Effect.

That material is “pheonix_storms/mat/mat_phx_metallic2” with a hint of beige.

The color for that exact color if I can copy what I’m seeing on my laptop right is the following:


dude you’re an epic builder

If you would be awesome if you can get that thing moving.

:gizz: Your building really fast

Because it’s actually pretty simple since it’s phx and sbmp.
But still, it’s used really well and looks sexy.

Incredible as always!

But I beg on my hairy knees for a video of it in action!


You are one amazing builder. I would love to see some of these if I ever see you around on McBuilds :slight_smile:

For SBMP it’s actually not that bad.

SBEP :eng101: