System Requirements?

Anybody know them yet?

I would guess for low, Duel Core CPU running at 2.0ghz, 512mb GPU, 4gb ram.
I’m guessing you can run lower than this but you’ll have choppy frame rate.

4gb ram, are you serious?

I don’t believe they have posted that yet :slight_smile:
Although if you have a laptop with an integrated GPU, there’s bound to be problems as of right now.

Thats what i’m guessing for a stable 30fps.

RAM has nothing to do with graphics, the game used 200MB for my browser. I guess it depends on what browser you use.

it doesnt even look like it needs even that though

Well my estimations are only guesses, I haven’t played the game yet and also thats usually the specs for almost any game coming out today.

yeah me either unfortunately

Garry will probably post it soon:)


You realize the whole alpha stage is for people to report their specs if the game is lagging and the developers can decide the “lowest/medium” requirements?

i can run warz but not dayz lol i want to help test D:

garry’s mod on steam had such a low spec requirement for pc now days , i really doubt that he will let this game have high specs, anyway if the game’s price when its finaly released is somwhere between
15-30$ , that’s a defenetly buy from me :dance:

ultra ultra low (incluiding 640x480): Intel GMA 500 + Atom/AMD A4
low: Intel HD3xxx + Atom/AMD A6
Medium: Intel HD4xxx/nVidia 7600gt + i3/AMD A8
High: nVidia 8600gt + i3/AMD Athlon 4200+
Ultra: Something like a GT640/HD7700 + i5/AMD Phenom ii x4

Ram is no problem, above 1 gb should work.

DISCLAIMER: These are estimates…

These are estimates as the game doesn’t quite look like Battlefield 4 tbh.