System requirements

What system requirements will S&BOX have?

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I would expect that it will largely be server and gamemode dependent.

Honestly, they will be approximately the same as Half-Life Alyx.


While true, I’d say requirements for S&box can be a bit lower compared to ‘’ beefy ‘’ HLA minimum requirements
‘’ * Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Processor: Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600

  • Memory: 12 GB RAM

  • Graphics: GTX 1060 / RX 580 - 6GB VRAM ‘’

requirements for HLA are a bit on the higher range since VR needs to hold stable frames since stutters could lead to motion sickness.


Half Life Alyx is for VR and hence requires higher specs than normal desktop games

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Maybe I’m wrong but if S&Box provides VR compatibility then I don’t see why it would make a difference.

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This question is meaningless in a sandbox game like this.
VR Games like Half Life Alyx have huge textures and poly count.
S&box (The cartoony style) has lower poly count and simple textures, it all depends on the gamemode you’re playing.
Even the crappiest GPU can play DarkRP.
Even the best CPU can’t handle gamemodes like NavalPlay.


i agree with adam and ubre, its hard to pinpoint a certain system requirements.
compared to gmod i reckon sbox will be more free so some games could be as easy to run as half life, others could run like gta, and little timmy who has imported every model as 50k polys will not be able to run on anyone’s pc
although if i had to say something, maybe similar to pingley recommended but you could easily get away with lower i hope, but idk could be anything for all we know

(also i searched up that up to try find that gamemode and got pictures of people playing with their bellybuttons and drawing of characters in MS-paint shoving their hand into their bellybutton)


Gamemode creators will probably be the ones who are (supposed to) give system requirements. It will differ from server to server

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Good joke!


In VR you have to render 2 different images, each image being bigger than 1080p.
On 1080p desktop you have 2.073.600 pixels to render, compare it to the Valve Index’s 4.608.000 pixels (1440×1600 per eye), and Quest 2’s 7.034.880 pixels (1832×1920 per eye).

So, there is a big difference if you don’t care about VR at all and play only desktop.


That makes sense. Thank you for this explaination!

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You could honestly just use the Alyx recommended even though this game isn’t VR.

It’ll make up for some of the gross addons/plugins/mods/whathaveyou that some people create. You all know exactly what kind of gross junk I’m talking about from Garry’s Mod. If this game follows like Garry’s Mod you will eventually end up with some very advanced gamemodes that demand a lot of the system, server and client, anyway.

LOL I managed to run HLA with a reasonable framerate and graphics with: (yea, idk how)

gtx 1640 4GB VRAM


i5 10300

ON A LAPTOP!!! (alongside oculus software)

I really do think that s&box would also be able to run at around or under my specs.

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also VR minimum requirements normally aim for 90fps (I think) well normal games would probably have 30-60fps as what the minimum requirements are supposed to hit

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I doubt system reqs will be anywhere near HLA like some people are saying

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