System (VGUI_ivgui008) failed during stage CONNECTION after SteamPipe

So after I converted to steampipe, I can’t start GMOD because I keep getting this error.

Only thing I could find

@code_gs I already saw that, but I ended up fixing it by running a integrity verification, but now when I try to join my SteamCMD gmod server, it says “The server is running a different version”

EDIT: I restarted steam and the error is showing up…again. Then I realized that in the “betas” section of the properties, it was opted out of all betas. I changed it to dev and it started fine now. I am able to connect to the server too.

Yup; in update 165 GMod is moving to SteamPipe, and currently only the beta is on SteamCmd.

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