T-600 Getting shot in the face repeatedly

Took the idea and the posing from Salvation.





All your pictures have the exact same rubble in the background. All of them.

It looks good so it really doesn’t matter.

The picture is a nice recreation, the camera angle is fine and from what i can see of the posing it is also good. The atmosphere is very much of that from salvation aswell. The blur is effective, not over-done, i like that.

A little bit of colouring on the muzzleflash could have gone a long way, i know in the film it is very sepia’d (if thats the right term) but here it looks a little odd as it is just a plain white.

overall, great :slight_smile:

What the heck are you talking about? I don’t see any rubble, except for the crashed helicopter. If you’re talking about the black, flying crap, I use it only in these “grim darkness of near future” style pics. Remember my Stalker poses? Giant Fucking Robot? Earlier stuff? Which of those have the “flying shit” effect?

Pretty good. I like the effects but the flash sort of lacks definition.

I tried to recreate the scene from the movie as accurately as possible, and the muzzleflashes are like that in the movie :saddowns:

Well, generally I don’t think it’s a good idea to directly reproduce every effect in a movie as perfectly as possible, especially when the effects aren’t so good. This reminds me of when Vman tried to reproduce the blood splat effect from Inglorious Basterds - it looked okay in the film, because films are moving pictures, but in a still picture it looked quite odd and lacking in detail.

Hmmmmmm, good point. Everything usually looks better in motion.

I think I should have added some very minor motion blur in some parts of the pic, like the terminator’s left arm and the pistol. Would that made the flash look better?

I dunno if it would have made the flash better, but it probably would have made the overall picture a little more exciting and dynamic I guess.

It looks pretty good! :v:

i want that t600 skin



Once I have edited the eye “lenses” and figured out how to remove the stupid glow effect on the eyes.

You mean the self-illumination or that lined lazergrid like glow?


For the lazergrid glow just add

$alphatest 1
$no_draw 1

to the VMT. should smash it right up.

Oh yeah. It worked now. Now there’s one problem left: The hexed version is covered in pink and black, although all the texture paths and such are correct. Going to try re-hexing.