T-72 tank model needed

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a 3d model of the Soviet tank “T-72”. I know it exists in the games COD Black Ops II, COD Modern Warfare 2 and COD Modern Warfare 3, at least.
Can someone help me get the model? Maybe someone has already ripped it? If not, maybe you guys could help me to learn how to rip stuff from those games, or any other game which might have T-72. I tried searching the internet for 3d converters but found nothing, but I see people here have ripped character models successfully from MW3 so it must be possible.

Here’s what it looks like:

dammit araknid ya beat me to it!

also you might find these useful, i included an Armenian military skin, so you can destroy as many Azerbaijani’s as you want.

Very nice. Thank you.

I use Steam but still kind of noobish when it comes to downloading mods and stuff.
What do I need to download it?

Also, if this is from COD4 and the newer games have a higher quality version of the tank, I’ll prefer them over this one. Do you guys know how to convert models from the newer games?

How did you know? D:

The Cod4 T-72 is simply re-used for MW2, MW3, and BO2 just with some different skins. Those are all included on the T-72 in the pack that Araknid linked to. It’s the same model in every game they didn’t update it at all.

And just press ‘subscribe’ and it’ll add that to your gmod, that’s how you download workshop addons.

Alright, thanks everyone.

If I’ll want to use it outside of Gmod (3d modelling), I should just look in the game’s folder, right?

the small flag icon at the bottom the the avatar when you posted.

yes, but you’ll need to unpack the GMA with tools in the bin directory of garrysmod.

I have the model now. Thanks cheesecurls for all the help via pm.

Is there anyone here who has seen the interior of the T-72 tank in some game? I could really use that too…