T-800s Patrolling The Destroyed City of L.A.

External editing by Character.


I love that song so much.

Nice work BTW.

Thank ya, I appreciate it.

the only thing T-800s seem to love more than nuclear genocide is posing dramatically in the ruins and power walking

really nice job though


Posing, then turning slowly towards the camera.

Nice work, i love all of it!

Love it.
This song was in Terminator Salvation wasn’t it?

Hrm, I was just listening to this song.
Nice pose btw

the posing on the leftmost terminator looks a bit funny but it’s alright

then tilting their face downwards a bit and staring at you

bonus points if they happen to be on fire

Yeah it was.

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Thanks for the models by the way, I downloaded em’ a while back but I haven’t gotten a chance to use em’ until last night.

no probs, glad you like

Good job, mate. Digging the fire effects.

I would have used a song from The Terminator '84 soundtrack, it’s just got that synthesize disturbing tone to it. But this just takes me back to watching those awesome films, for that have a freaking winner man.

Saving to my Wallpapers folder :slight_smile:
very well done!

Absolutely amazing screenshot and editing, by the way.