T.E.A.L. Project Is Up

The new T.E.AL. project that i stared is up! Find it at https://sourceforge.net/projects/tealproject/ . The projects goal is to incorporate prop,npc,and weapon spawning into a map. Feel free to suggest tips or ideas :smile:

Sound’s Weird, What does T.E.A.L. stand for in your eyes kotasc3 ?

We don’t know what T.E.A.L is, nor do we care.

So you plan on making a map?

It stands for

L-Lua Based

How about you actually explain what it is instead of just giving us an acronym and a link?

What the hell’s in the download?


And how is mapping relevant to an LUA based, badly organised project?

Isn’t this all possible with point_template and npc_template_maker?

~ZOMG, do you try to be a douche? Because honestly, you really come off as one.

no you are douche. he was giving his opinion. this is a very stupid idea. mapping with lua? no need for lua here. and there is no point in this.

I meant as a whole.