T.F. Noire


Great concept
Great design
Great editing
Great job

That’s pretty neat bro nice job.

I don’t like the spy’s lighting but otherwise fine

That L.A. Noire Sign looks suspiciously like a model.

Heavy Police is on the Case!

To be honest, the scene in the corner is more interesting than everything else. In fact, that could have made a better picture.

Other than that though, the picture looks pretty empty.

Its great except you forgot to edit the grass out of the trigger guard, i’m surprised no one else noticed, other than that i like it.

I think there should be a blue light on the other side of him, instead of just red.

Medic doesn’t look very dead more like “Ah fuck I fell”

Fucking piece of shit Rockstar releasing this for PC and not Red Dead Redemption.

Nice pic btw, love you

Nice! I did something similar to this a while ago.


Hee very good.

What about the left side? Checked my box and there’s an left side with an dead girl also.