T James Money Sign Library for GMod

The T James Money Sign (TJame$) Library for Garry’s Mod is intended to add more super swag and gold to your gamemode that already exists. It seeks to intellectually expand your code and put more gold all on it. It is based on T Jame$ songs, It is very swaggy.

It is ever expanding and I will add one song per day to it. Today’s song is: ““Gold All Over Everything.””

Download Link [GitHub]
We here at the studios are very apologetic, the swag cannot be reached as the project was canceled

Im honestly at a loss as to what to say…
the formatting is just… wow…
the intellectual expansion… questionable.

might be nice if it actually did anything… at all…

I’m sorry, what

[lua]-- make it secure


if not FUCK_NIGGA then return end

– now its secured[/lua]
Why is this security not required by law yet?

It’s intellectual

The fuck lol

	if person == "snitch" then return not true else return not false end

This is by far the best addon of the year. 10/10 I would recommend all this wonderful “super swag” code to any server owner.

Thank you very much. Today’s song will be ““Madden On The Gamecube.””

Sorry but this doesn’t work on my server. Everyone just has too much swag now

I’ll work on fixing that issue right away but it’s hard to remove swag once it has been applied.

I created a pull request

thx for addon

shoews = {}

function BuyShoe( shoe )

	if shoe == "popula" then table.insert( shoews, shoe ) end


Where are my freaking air jordans?

You need to have a minimum of swag to get air jordans

I’ll implement this soon, thank you for the suggestion

what the actual fuck is this :smiley:

~^- NEW UPDATE -^~**

as promised I have added in ““Madden On The Gamecube””

now your server with this addon on it can have more swag than the usual amount of it,


I noticed that you have made the security alot more advanced then it was before. Thank you, now i can swag in peace.

+FUCK_NIGGA.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured = {}
+FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured = true
+if not FUCK_NIGGA.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured.secured then return end
+-- now its secured

You are swag 1000x welcome

But where is the Real G verification!!! Dont tell me you dont have verification for the true Gs…

I will add in next update, which I will call the ““Females Welcome”” update

[editline]20th September 2014[/editline]


My friends, the time has come for the ““Females Welcomed”” update (I spelled the song out right this time around, gold all on me)


Coming soon to some place near you: workshop edition