T-junction issue not fixed by replacing func_details. Why?

So I got the annoying “too many t-junctions to fix up!” compile error. I replaced quite a lot of my suspect func_details with props. Here are my numbers of indices from various compiles:

Nothing removed (regular compile): 65556 Max allowed: 65536
A. Removed some func_detail pillars that cut into geometry: 65559
B. Removed func_detail on wall which did not cut into geometry: 65541
C. Both (A) and (B) at the same time: 65556
D. Replaced tons of suspect func_details with props and removed a lot more func_details that cut into geometry: **65541 **(???)

Really annoying that the # of indices essentially remained the same.

Do intersecting func_detail with other func_detail add to this issue?
I noticed that a lot of the archways that I ripped off the stock maps tended to have messed up corners (even though I’d fix them using the vertex tool, after compile, they’d move back). The ones that were against world geomtry were moved to leave a small space. There are still tons of arches though that have the issue shown below in the pic:

**EDIT: ** So i tried removing all the arches by hiding a visgroup of them, then compiled. I got 65565 indices… (it increased). :suicide:

Does anyone know what indices refers to?

Do not use crave, convert these brushes into a model through propper
Shall fix this