T Player shape

Hello i am running a cider RP server and everything was fine until maybe 5 days i tried to add Css skin as a job skin and the player had a T shape i removed it and every skin worked fine then i tried to add Gman but it happened the same thing, and today i went on the server and now is all the skins as a T shape and i havent touch anything the server is a dedicated server from HLDS and i really need help with this so please help me


  1. Don’t post signatures, we already know who you are.
  2. It’s the engine, and it’s called the Jesus pose, because it’s buggy.
  3. Deal with it.

Um, No. It’s not the engine. You can use a set player animation but some models have the messed up in the models animation itself. It’s not the engine, though. Go upload the shared models, GCF, to your server.


first of all this happens in Hl2dm, second in cs:s and gmod, so don’t question someone who actually plays with the danm engine, (well used to before my intel died on me D:)

It’s not the engine.

It’s called a t-pose, or reference pose.

Don’t be an ass.

Don’t go parading around like you know everything about Source. Even I don’t know everything about it, but at least I know what I’m talking about.

As for the OP, most RP gamemodes use the default citizens (not playermodels) for what the player uses.
Due to the fact that they have more animations.
Could you find out what anim set they use and I’ll be able to help out more.

none of you knew anything, the problem was that some of the models where broken and after fixing that it worked perfect…

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