Whenever I look at myself in 3rd person, my player is always in the T-Shape. Even when I get in cars his upper body comes through the roof in the T-shape. Anyone have any fixes? It is with every player model. Even Gman, Kleiner, Barney…

Hmm…As much as I know the “T-shape” is in all games when the model/ragdoll hasnt been assinged any kind of animation,heaiviour or weapon(in games that dont have a no weapon state).I belive this is a scripting problem or simply missing animations.

It is an animation problem. Do you have any custom models that replace the problem ones, and did you buy GMod from Steam?

All of them are T-shape. Every single ragdoll. I don’t recall installing anything that isn’t in addon format

Clean up Gmod.

I reiterate my question: Did you buy GMod from Steam?

Please do tell us.If its ntoa steam version one,then any files might become missing without you knowing and while the steam version automaticly replaces old or bugged(I think) files,the illegal once cant…

iavor, it is true that models get bugged, but they do not always get replaced. Some do, but some will sit there, unknown to anyone, until you try to use it.

Easy way to fix that: Validate the models from the game the models are from (if the bought version of Steam can mount it, of course).

yeah steam i got it from, but i don’t understand the validate and mounting thing ^ ^