T-Pos when players walk with nothing in hands [keys, etc...]


Recently I wanted to add a list of ragdolls for play with it on a darkrp server.

I added the following lines in the .qc files to transform them into playermodels :

And it worked ! But, when a player walk slowly (Alt) with nothing in hand or with an entity (keys, stun-stick, etc…) they take a T-Position.

I have tried to compare with others playermodels but i can’t see where it’s wrong :confused:

PS : I can post the files if you want to check, the .qc file etc…

Here a demonstration to see the problem :

yep help us pls :D… thank Bric0vicH for this post.


up pls community…

(User was banned for this post ("Spam" - NiandraLades))

Ok so we found the problem…

Idk but we just add f_anm.mdll and it worked

Thx. I hope it will help