T Pose Player Model Ragdolls

Does anyone knows how to fix the ragdolls in player models?,like when you die they spawn in a /I\ pose and are un-possable,I mean stiff.

This usually means you are trying to use non-player model ragdoll as a player model.

I dont think so,when I play in a lan server (me hosting) my friend has the same addon and using the same skin he turns into a ragdoll AND he see’s me turn into a ragdoll but I get this T shape :(.
I found a weird thing I tried re-install the addons (and delete their content in Gmod addons folder) but when I dowload them again they download in like 0.5 seconds…And I know my internet isn’t that fast.
Any advice?

ByteG, are you subscribed the these addons on steamworkshop if so you need to unsubscribe and delete the content.

I actually did that 2 times…so anyone knows where gmod saves the ragdolls? I’ve got an idea.