T Pose Problem

Well I finally got around to making a schema but I’m having some troubles…

Whenever I use models from TnB, it bugs and t-poses…

Any help ?


Those models may not be rigged to be player models.

Any help on how to give them animations ?

Depends on the bone structure. Could be as simple as decompiling it and changing some things in the .qc or as complex as re-rigging the model.
Regardless if you don’t have any experience with modeling, this may be a bit too tough for you.
Maybe someone over at the modeling subforum could help you.

Thanks mang…

I’m pretty sure playermodels come with that pack.
Go to Context Menu -> Player Model and search through the list and try to find a TnB Stalker playermodel anywhere.
If you find one you want, select it, kill yourself, and run this in console (hopefully you’re using ulx):
ulx luarun =player.GetByID(1):GetModel()
That’ll tell you your current playermodel. You can then use that model in replace to the models you tried to use.

Other than that…