Good day! I do not know much English, so sorry that I do not use the search engine!
I have two questions.

  1. Is it possible to keep the model in one pose, which play an animation?
    For example, instead of the standard T-pose to use a pose with arms bent at the elbows hands?

  2. Is it right to play the animation on this model, provided that the bones in the skeleton only rotated, but did not move (ie, the distance between them is saved)

That’s what I started:
I have a model without a skeleton, which I want to import into Harris modes.
His T-pose is different from the original Valve-skeleton (hands and feet rassatvleny wider).
To distortion was minimal, I want to change it by animating the T-pose, making it the same as the skeleton Valve.

Here’s an example:
the first picture - the model is stored in the format of “MDL”
the second picture - the same model, but the bones rotated with the help of animation.
how to maintain this position in the format “MDL”, keeping all assignments?
and what tools to use for this?


PM me in Russian ( I am assuming you are from Russia ) and maybe I can help you.