T-Posing Model

So, I started rigging this model from Aliens: CM, however, my model turned into this:


So, I already fixed the problem with it being shinny, however, it is still t-posed and facing the wrong way. The bone names are right, I used the same qc file as someone else and they compiled it fine. When I compiled it, it had no errors at all, so I have no idea.

QC file - http://pastebin.com/TF03mMWk

Anyone happen to know why this is happening?

Is everything rigged under “ValveBiped” skeleton?

Anyways, you can add me on Steam and I will assist you on it.

I got it all fixed around, it was just a problem with the bones that reloading blender showed me. Thank you though. I was curious, however, if you had any tips on weight painting with clothing. His pants are really baggy which seems to cause issues with the vertices moving with the weight tool:

Do you think this looks any better or still shitty?:

The 2nd gif is bit better than the 1st one.

Although you should make the paint a little bit light. (With light, I meant substract the paint very little between the calf and thigh.)

Gotcha thanks, man!