T Posing Modles

In a slew of errors that seem to have incredibly easy fixes, here’s another one I can’t seem to solve.

Im currently using the Metro 2033 Content off workshop (unpacked, loose files in server and client), and Im getting t poses on all the models. I have the same exact content in my server and client, and the .gma addon isn’t there, its just loose files. An example directory Im trying to use is


Since I’m running Nutscript, I asked Chessnut to see if this works for him. Upon dropping the loose file into his server and client, it worked perfectly fine. I do recall these working back on Last Refuge’s Metro 2033 server, so it’s probably a client issue. In my schema’s sh_schema, I added the same line Chessnut did, nut.anim.SetModelClass(“models/devcon/mrp/act/darkone.mdl”, “citizen_male”) to no avail.

Could this be some clientside issue, should I reinstall gmod? Any ideas?

Here’s 2 models from the exact same directory.

Can you please upload the models to test? Otherwise, you might want to ask Chessnut to make sure you’re doing nothing different.

I checked with Chessnut, I’m doing everything the same. But yeah, here’s the model I tested

Does anybody have any idea?

I reinstalled garrysmod, I removed all the lua files from server and client, I placed that exact model above in both, and Its still t posing. I removed any possible plugins that can be conflicting as well.

Although the model didn’t T-pose in Sandbox, it for some reason also included some NPC animations; quite odd. Anyways, I’m not too sure how Nutscript handles adding models, so you might want to try asking in the Nutscript thread for help.

I already posted there and spoke to Chessnut about it. Nobody has any idea. Nutscript handles things the same way as Clockwork iirc. Ill try them out on another gamemode real quick.

Edit: They work perfectly on Clockwork. Ill try messing with the nutscript animations

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Wow; they weren’t t posing all along. Nutscript’s character select menu makes them t pose O_o