T Rex Pwnage

OK, I made a pose with a T-Rex and two HGrunt models, check it out (Oh, and remember to click the thumbnail to enlarge!):


Don’t complain about not editing, I am sick of people doing that! And I am a n00b at posing yes, but c’mon, this is my first realistic pose! Give me some info on how I can improve.


Edited picture!

There is no blood! and the rex is like…super phonged!
you must do better D:
200th post w00t sauce!

Improve? EDITING! You may not agree, but yes, editing is the key. Get better weapons models, also, your anti-aliasing is bad.

I didn’t HAVE anti-aliasing, you’re talking bollocks, and yeh, i couldn’t edit it, I only have Paint and people ALWAYS complain about that! And about the blood thing, I forgot to do it, I will try editing it and reposting using Edit :slight_smile: Now then, if you guys can help me with it (don’t make it dumb) I will be glad to send you the file :slight_smile:


Oh, and about the “SuperPhonged” T Rex, I didn’t make the model, if you have a complaint, talk to RR_Raptor65, he made the models