Hi everyone!

I decided to create a new thread for the T-Rex, considering it had a considerable fan following. Also, give half credit to JDude and many thanks as well, he animated the whole damn thing.





What is he? He’s a complete, animated T-Rex, with animations, roaring, stomping, among other things. Treat him like you would an animal instead of a mindless monster, because I programmed him to act like that. He’ll get angry and roar at you if you get too close, go into a stomping rage if you shoot him, ect.


There’s also a patch that fixes a few things:

Tell me what you think.

Sweetness. Do we have to delete the previous version?

I do not believe so, to tell you the truth. But I’m not sure. Best to do it just to be safe.

who animated it

could you reupload to filefront

The only thing is that I think you made the dinosaur a bit too small. Maybe increase size by a bit. And is it possible for it to destroy props. Like say you make a big wooden wall and grab its attention. Would it run at you and destroy the props?


By the way lua king to you :smiley:


Oh and do we drop it into addons

I animated it X]

…Your welcome :slight_smile:

And, we’ve been over the size issue before. Things in the Source engine never look very big do they? And yet the spikes on the bottom of a strider’s legs are at about the height of a man. The TRex was a big animal, certainly, but it wasn’t Godzilla.

hea im not a lua coder or any thing but i have been waiting a long time for some one to make couter strike npcs and i was wondering if u couldlua code css models seeing that ur so good at lua coding things

More fiction less science


it’s a very good snpc… But once again like almost all your snpcs notarget / ignore player doesn’t works on them…

i’m in love…

Huh? Ignore Player works on Rexy…

It has since beta 2…

And there’s nothing to be done about his size anyway. Scaling him up with the QC file results in a SCREWED ragdoll and physics model.

Sometime it works sometime it doesn’t, i have to suicide for it to work, and if I shoot him he begins to go toward me…

Yay it’s finally released! :holy:

please reupload

Bug report here. It appears that the Space Marine bolter and the Tau Rifle cause a lot of pushback on Rexy. I spawned 6 Fire Warriors with rifles, and they kept Rexy moving in place until he died. Same with Space Marines and their bolters. Also, he has a tendency to clip partially through buildings and bug out.

I’ve noticed that if an npc gets very close to Mr.Rexy (melee range), he cannot attack him. He just stands there and stares into space until he finally…dies. Also, wasn’t he supposed to “eat” ragdolls? He never seems to do so.
Edit: Never mind. Everything works except that ragdoll eating thing.

Something else to add to everything, this isn’t really a bug but it’s somewhat noticeable. First would be the T-rexes’ stomp. It needs some form of vibration or it seems like a normal step. The sound for it is also too soft to differentiate it from the normal walk animation. Who knows, it could even be the T-rex itself bugging and doing the walk animation. Another thing would be that, if you shoot it with the Ar2’s alternate fire, the T-Rex model will black out like any other NPC would, but instead of disintegrating and removing itself, it spawns a T-Rex ragdoll while the T-Rex idle sounds still play in the background. Not much of a bug though.

A little something on this…I was about to say, just like when combine soldiers run, you hear their armor move, if you could upload some walking/movement sounds for the t-rex and some of your soldiers it would be great, I’ll help with that if you like, I have plenty of suitable sounds. Anyway great job to the both of you J-dude and Xystus.

I think Rexy will try to eat ragdolls, but whenever he comes within range to do so, I get lua error spam, which makes me think that’s supposed to happen, but got bugged. Something like, line 439 or something. I’m probably way off on the number.

And…Rexy is supposed to make a footstep sound??

I haven’t seen that work from the first beta, his footsteps are silent for me.

I too think that Rexy should be durable enough to not be insta-killed by a combine ball.

Also…That “center of grass” bug came up again. He would still chase ME, and he’d find a hiding spot if I started hurting him, but he’d always return to that spot and then idle. He never did that before. And he becomes reluctant to chase other npc’s once he’s arrived at that spot.

Another thing for aesthetic purposes, I notice a LOT that with this Rex as well as the old one that some of the attack animations tend to immediately cancel once the have a hit. As in, it he misses, the full animation will play, but if he hits, he’ll stop the animation and return to idle instantly. This happens especially with the stomp, and I really think it would look and feel better if he followed through on the animations regardless of the outcome.

I still think that when Rexy knows he can’t reach where you are that he should stop moving and use his anger animation, though again, this is strictly for aesthetics, because I feel he spams his anger sounds a fair bit.

And yes, whatever DID happen to his ability to bat away free standing props in his path? I never really understood at some points what proposed features were dropped and which ones were intended. Perhaps you could clarify?

This is so much more amusing if you have the latest version of Dismemberment. When rexy snaps his jaws and sends NPC’s flying, they slam into something and fly apart. I often find bodies with no heads, which is epic.