- T-Rust 22/08 MeGaLoot X4 FullPvp Tp Home Grp Rem - Instant Crafting - No Durability -

T-Rust Server “Trust # Nobody”

The Admin team on this server have ben controlling 4 servers well with up to 1200 hours ingame. We expect that people play fair and respect the rules!

Server Wiped : 05-09-2014
Planned Next Wipe : N/A

As the server was recently wiped, it then gives a good chance to get the power and gear for surviving the battlefield of T-rust! Take a look, you might like what you see

We are at the moment looking for 1-2 admins, please join up and apply!

To join the server press “F1” when in the game, this will bring up the ingame console - Now copy paste this into the console : net.connect - when copied then press enter, and you should now be on the way online!

Vote and receive a Supply Signal!

Vote here : http://toprustservers.com/server/14278


  • No Falldmg On
  • Pvp On
  • Sleepers On
  • No Durability
  • No Craft time
  • Airdrop on 10+ online
  • Night 66% Shorter
  • Day 66% Longer
  • Decay time : “Wood - 48 Hours” “Metal - 96 Hours”


  • Home
  • Summon (Works like Teleport but the other way around, the teleporter needs to receive a summon from the target)
  • Share
  • Group
  • Remover
  • Essentials (Many in one mod)
  • Anti Cheat (Aim-, Speed- & Wallhack)
  • Modified Loot (Very little chance for Supply Drop in animals)
  • 4x Improved Resources
  • Kits
  • Vote
  • History
  • Death Handler
  • Daytime Poll




Update 1.0 :

  • Megaloot have ben tweaked to the right drop amount (Better atleast)
  • Supply Drops have ben slightly modified to NOT drop as often

People are showing up, more and more houses are being build! join up!

Update 1.1 :

  • Megaloot have ben tweaked yet another time, this round for making C4 to have a chance to spawn in Animals (Very little chance though)
  • Another “Home” add-on have ben set up, old one caused abit lag
  • Fixed day/night shifts so it should now be 30% night and 70% day

We have had decent flow with players, only 1-2 really offensive this far. Still loads of room for new players!

Update 1.2 :

  • Teleport have ben removed, and Summon Request have ben activated
    (Summon Request is just another kind of teleport, but the teleporter have to receive a request from the target player, this will fix the tp glitching into bases and stones. When you do tp, the teleporting player is frozen for 10 seconds, this is to prevent the target player to glitch into the base/stone

  • Metal building part’s drop rate have now also ben slightly lowered, still pretty easy to get!

  • F1 Grenade’s can now be found in boxes

  • Sky building’s will be taken down without warning, this gives huge render lag

Houses are showing up all over the map now! Join up for some fun :slight_smile:

T-Rust # Nobody

Update 1.3 :

  • Small changes in the Auto text about how the Summon/tp mod works, since people really don’t know how to use it
  • Few fixes in the megaloot, so no more 9 x duplicate drop
  • Changed a anti hack mod, since we had 1-2 hackers within the server yesterday and today, problem is fixed. Players banned and house is gone “Not very smart to fly right past the admin”

Thats it for this time, join the server if you want great fun and no hackers!

T-Rust # Nobody

Update 1.4 :

  • Small tweaks around the plugins within the server, nothing major
  • Fixed lag caused by 2 mods, this will not affect the server lagwise anymore

Daily cleanup will be around 3-4 in the night +2 GMT, during this admin/admins will not ask to make it day, they will run around fixing things, like decaying building’s, checking for grief/glitches. And don’t worry if you shoot one by accident, they can’t die during this.

T-Rust # Nobody

Update 1.5 :

  • /history now works again, and will show up to the last 30 messages
  • /daytime have ben installed - this mod works from 18-5 gametime (check gametime with /gametime) it will pull out a vote for making it day, 50% + on yes is needed for it to change.
  • Death uninstalled, death handler installed - more info about the kill and less lag
  • Another anti hack mod, won’t go into details but the server is pretty much secure!

Server running great, seen many diffrent people - most of them like the server. There’s still no lag, loads of space to build on!

T-Rust # Nobody

Update 1.6 :

  • Tonight the server will be taken down for aprox. 1-2 hours, this is to fix the lag caused by either summon or remove mod.
  • People complain’s about roll back, should have had happend like 5-6 times within few hours, gotta look into this aswell meanwhile the server is down.
  • Anti floating buildings is gonna be allowed, but sky bases can/will be removed without warning (this often happens after restart)

Many new people have ben by, more should come !:slight_smile:

T-Rust # Nobody

Update 1.7 :

  • Tonight the server will wiped, cause of major rollbacks and some lag, during this i will change some of the mods to some lightweight versions.
  • Also 2 hackers were in, destroyed alot on the server, so we are looking for better anti cheat!

I will post update after the server have ben wiped!

T-Rust # Nobody

Update 1.8 :

  • Server ben wiped 2 days ago, i haven’t had a chance to update in here

  • Server have ben cleaned this morning - the anti cheat was disabled and i had to manually remove 3 hackers.

  • Server should now no longer make these unwanted rollbacks!

  • Great space around now on the server, tweaked the drop rate abit for some loot.

  • Admin team is currently very low on members, so we do search new admins!

Admin team is gonna work on fun activities for the server as soon as we get a member or 2 more.

Join up and have some fun :wink:

T-Rust # Nobody

Update 1.9 :

  • Server files have ben changed abit, normal tp mod have ben installed again
  • Small text fixes in motd
  • minor changes in some anti hack mods

There’s ben no roll back, no lag and really no annoying people :slight_smile:

T-Rust # Nobody