T Shaped NPCs

When ever i spawn a human NPC, He/She spawns with his/her arms in a “T” shape.


They dont move, they just stand in one spot looking at you wherever you move. there is no animation at all.

You might not have the game for the animations

The “T-pose” is a technique used in digital animations where they start the model in a T pose with their limbs away from their body, so that the material can align properly with the model. You might not just have the anims.

what i dont understand is that i had animations before now they arent working anymore

Could it be that they have no weapons?

no i spawned them with weapons


it could be because of me downloading a few addons. but i did remove the addons from my garrys mod but no results.

What weapon do you give them.

wait, let me spawn them with every weapon, so far i tested the pistol and shotgun.


I spawned them with all of the guns but still they dont have animations

Thats weird :o