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abstergo really went down the shitter huh

Thought this had a thread a while back.
Still, nice to see it again.

i’m not sure what this comic’s meaning is, but it’s beautiful.
You’ve made an awesome start here, yo



Well, that was cheerful.

Welcome back. I missed you.


Wow that was really cool and interesting :slight_smile:

Schizophrenia: enabling art form and debilitating mental disorder

this some deep shit

I don’t know what I just read, but holy shit it’s amazing. This is very inspiring for future pose ideas and the like, very nice.

Wow, interesting stuff. Looking forward to seeing your future work.

Great Odin’s raven, that was some of the coolest editing I’ve ever seen!

I see a lot of emotional meaning here, but I don’t really know why you decided to express it through Garry’s Mod.

I have no idea what is going on, but it’s really interesting.

What the fuck.

A story how a shitstorm’s a’brewin’ and BAM,
they grew into a tree.