T2 Furnace

Does the tier 2 furnace have a no build zone around it like the quarry? Basically can i build my base around it and box it in?

Yes, there are ways to box in the furnace. It’s about one foundation of space so it’s actually pretty easy, it just needs to sit on terrain so you have to build around that.

good stuff, thanks zipper

I can put my tier 2 furnaces on foundation.

thats interesting! it looks like you can in the rustifed video too. how rare is the bp?

That was a bug fixed by yesterday’s hot fix. You may be able to keep it there for now, but you won’t be able to place them on foundations any more.

I just placed them

You’re not supposed to be able to. I just tried, and can’t lay it down on foundations.

I’ve also tried and it wasn’t possible.

Perhaps he’s on a modded server that allows it. Because you’re not supposed to be able to on vanilla. That’s the reason placement was all messed up yesterday. They botched the code while trying to prevent large furnaces from being placed on foundations.