T3 M4 and other KOTOR models

I’ve seen HK-47, Revan, Bastila, and Darth Nihilus, as well as the Ebon Hawk’s exterior, but I have yet to see T3-M4 and the other cast members of KOTOR, which I believe would make a great addition to Gmod. If anyone can simply get T-posed 3ds or fbx models from the game, I can take them to Mario’s thread. If someone would be willing to rip them AND ragdoll them, that’d be even better. Obviously T3-M4 can’t T-pose, and if he can I’d have no idea how, but I’m sure there’s a way to ragdoll him, like the other “non-human” shaped models in Gmod.


T3-M4 (KOTOR I and II);

Carth Onasi (KOTOR I);

Jolee Bindo (KOTOR I);

Visas Marr (KOTOR II);

Bao-Dur (KOTOR II);

Mission Vao (KOTOR I);

Zaalbar (KOTOR I);

Atton Rand (KOTOR II);

Canderous Ordo (AKA Mandalore) (KOTOR I and II (different forms));

As Canderous (KOTOR I);

As Mandalore (KOTOR II);

Mical (KOTOR II);

Mira (KOTOR II);

Brianna AKA Handmaiden (KOTOR II);

Juhani (KOTOR I);

Kreia (KOTOR II);

Hanharr (KOTOR II);

If anyone can get these characters’ models from KOTOR I and II, I’ll be very grateful, and I’m sure a good deal of other users will be too.

this is a good idea i hope it is done

We already have Revan, HK-47, Nihilus, and Bastila, as well as the Ebon Hawk, so I know it can be done. I’m just wondering why whoever was ripping them stopped. Also, the Revan ragdoll’s waist is a bit…fucked up. It just, like, blobs when you pose it, and sometimes the ragdoll freaks out and spazzes everywhere. I’m just happy to have the ragdoll, of course, but it would be nice to have it fixed, and maybe some finger posing thrown in. I mean, if someone could just get them as 3ds models, I’d drop by Mario’s request thread and see if he’d rig them.

I want Republic Soldiers too then, The helmet ones, Heh…

I suppose I should’ve asked for Malak too, but I think just the main heroes would be good for now.

I’m gonna give this thread one more bump, then I’ll let it go for a while.

Yeah this would be cool

Hmm, weird coincidence, I just restarted KOTOR1 earlier today with some mods on.
But seriously, I wouldn’t mind having the Mission or Mandalore models in Gmod


That was all I could find.
Then theres some of my star wars playermodels.

Yeah, I got all of those. I just wish the rest were out. There’d be some great comics and stories to be made…TomRocc said he was working on the stuff, but evertime I contact him he’s like “FUCKENRINANFBLKDFNBLKFN Alright I’ll do it” and I never get any progress. I told him to just give me the models, but he didn’t.

Just gonna bump in case anyone at all would take this on, and I know T3-M4 is out, I’m just bumping for the others. Hope no one minds, after this I’ll redo the request in the future should I want them again.

One more bump.