t3h_OIFY - In honor of the OIFY triumph!

:siren:THE PRERELEASE IS OUT!:siren:



Spawn room:
Bet you can’t guess what this room is for. :v:


Connector room:
This room basically connects the sections that are being given to me. So far, all the separate sections are connected by corridors or hallways. There is a func_illusionary block at the start and end of the hallway that is textured according to the type of room it leads to. This is the first of possibly many connector rooms.


Flame Room:
This is a fiery obstacle course. It consists of a metro-cop flailing about in the fire which is just for show. The spikes, strobe lights, and :v: are spinning around in the center for looks as well. Beyond those is a wall of fire and on the other side is the mingebag obstacle which is shown next.
There are now two mingebags guarding the next segment of the flam room. The first time you pass by the wall of fire, the mingebags will move from side to side at high speeds. If you touch them then you get damaged. They will move from side to side in opposite directions, so if you get caught between them, then you get a lot of damage.
Behind them are a couple of big doors swinging that will not crush you(I may change that), but they will get in your way. You don’t want to get stuck with the mingebags for a second.
Behind those are some lasers that are easy to get by without damage if you are careful. Then is a pool full of leaches which you can get across without dieing if you carefully jump on the wooden posts sticking up from the water.
By the time you are on the other side you will probably have lost quite a bit of health. At that point, we have an exit but nowhere to go. This means that we need a section to connect to it.



TV Room:
In here, all you need to do is dodge the lasers and get to the finish. I’m probably going to make the lasers move a little to add to the challenge.
You should see a camera sticking out of the wall. If you look to the opposite side of the room, you will see a monitor which is showing what said camera sees.
This way you will be able to see yourself get disintegrated on TV when you die your horrible painful death while inches away from your destination! Your destination is that archway at the end of the ramps.




Here is the Wawa Room:
Here is the water based room. I’m feeling too lazy to describe it so you’ll have to wait to play it for now.





Here is the Furry Room:
Here, you will have to go through a short maze of gay and straight furry porn and sex. It seemed short and simple enough to sprint through so I decided to make it so you need to go through it several times in order to activate the teleporter at the end of the maze. :smiley:
It will be like the twilight zone, but with furry porn!
URL’d for grossness.

Spaz Maze:
Be aware that the walls and ceiling are flashing green, bright blue, red, and yellow at a fast rate so I can guarantee that it will induce seizures to anyone who may be photosensitive. To get to this maze you need to go through the animated hall of horror which I am not showing because I have changed so many textures in it and made so many lighting changes.


OIFY ratings after finishing the maze:
These aren’t just for show. They are a combination lock! If you press the ratings in the right sequence, it will open a secret door and show you the credits for the map! The credits list isn’t done yet, so I’m just holding that spot with another texture for now.
Don’t worry, you won’t need to decompile the map for the combination to the door. The sequence is hidden in the spaz maze. It has the ratings in order from left to right on an unsuspected wall in the spaz maze which will most likely drive you nuts trying to find. It really depends on how long you can take the pain of the flashing textures for. :smiley:


Here is the OIFY for anyone who is curious. Just be carefull. It is not for the fainthearted.[/list]

NOTE: I am aware that the OIFY was not put on the forum front page.

It won by vote count and that’s what matters. This thread was made as soon as the poll was closed so I had no idea that garry wouldn’t keep his word with the elections. On the other hand, this is Facepunch Studios. It is not a democracy as much as we would like it to be so lets just be glad that the OIFY even came close to the front page.

Here is our credits list so far:


Anyway I hope that this project becomes loads of fun!
Let the boxes flow people, this the the OIFY we are talking about!

Lol. Cat texture here I come.

2013 edit:

Purge my these memories from my mind.

Now we’re talking!

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don’t forget to put theleetworld player in it :smiley:

Someone make this into a animated texture please.

Dude you have a problem but I won’t stop you

Done and failed many time’s,collab will fail even more.

If you want to bitch about how it’s a bad idea, then kindly take it somewhere else.

You sir, need a medal for your awesome idea.

I will get right to it :smiley:

Thanks. I’m glad people are interested.

On it!

A while ago I made an OIFY spaz maze, which was a maze with a flashing texture and traps and crap, I’ll get the textures from it up here some time this week, it had a flashing texture, the OIFY green, and one that has the ‘OIFY, hottest place om the net’ banner and shits

That will be useful.

Aw, and I had just recently decided to commit myself to two other maps that I’m making. :frowning: I would love to make something confusing for this, but I know my other stuff will probably never get finished if I do.


You only need to make a small section.

I would like to enter this, sounds like fun seeing as you don’t have to be an expert mapper to make some crap like this! Just joking, i will try to make it good.

No seriously. Make it bad! :v:

Can I make custom faceposer scenes in it if i send you a zip file with the .vmf .vcd and .wav files?

How do I include that in the map? Bspzip? I’m gonna need to learn how to use that. :smiley:

Do it, seriously, do it now.